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The Greatest Sinner Ever - a novel by E.Mellema
Free e-books in various languages about Nostradamus, the famous seer from the 16th century.

Spiritual links

Religious Tolerance - This site promotes religious tolerance, freedom, and understanding. It describes controversial topics from all viewpoints and dozens of faith groups objectively.

The Paranormal Database - The Paranormal Database is an online guidebook to hauntings, ghost sightings, cryptozoology, ABCs, mythology, legends and other supernatural and fortean occurrences reported in Great Britain, listed by region.

New Age Spirituality - Exploring the idea that this life, this world, is not the totality of our existence but just one tiny step along an infinite journey...

DragonOak's Wood Shop - Hand crafted altars, books of shadows, spirit boards, and much more. We do custom work also.

Astrology - Astrology of Lanka India Nepal and Tibet - Free Horoscope Reading.

Psychic advice by AVERI - Averi, Malibu's Psychic to the Stars. Powerful advisor to recent US Presidents, Fortune 500 CEOS, celebrities, and clients worldwide.

Psychic Reading and from Love Psychics - A Psychic Reading is conducted by our highly acclaimed love psychic readers, providing guidance and advice in the areas of love, life and financial investments. Be dazzled by the accuracy and insights with our accurate and gifted psychic, clairvoyant and medium readers.

Scottish Gifts and Crafts - Gifts and Crafts from Moray in Scotland, Scottish Magical Metaphysical Psychic & Esoteric gifts and crafts from Silvermoon, magical spells and arcane talisman, jewellery and crystals from Made in Moray.

Global Psychics - Your Metaphysics Resource Center, Real Psychics, Real Answers

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