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The Greatest Sinner Ever, a novel about the life of Nostradamus.
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chapter 1

"Brrr, it's so cold in here!"
"Stop complaining, Mercury; only thirty-one days till you'll be turned around."
"Who's there?"
"I am Hermes, your higher self."
"Hermes, your visit is timely because those boring turns around my orbit are driving me stark-raving mad."
"Well, I'll tell you, Zeus has decided that your assignment is almost done. You only have to be of the flesh for a while before you get to shine."
"And how do you know all this?"
"I am the fastest one in the Milky Way, and I put my ear to the ground here and there, so to speak. Besides, it's my job to relay messages."
"How much longer do I have?"
"Until you're lined up with the Sun and the Earth, so not much longer."
"Hmm, at least it's a change from being a dead planet. My only diversion is causing shock waves and sun baths."
"You might well come to miss this simple existence, my material brother, but please be patient just a little longer."
A month later, an extraordinary birth took place on planet Earth. A person with unprecedented prophetic gifts was born.

CV of Maria-Bonita Kapitany

Translation services from Dutch into English and English into Dutch.

-Having received my education in the Netherlands (Havo) as well as in Canada (College), I am fully bilingual and have a deep understanding of the individual culture of both the Dutch and the English language.
-Translations into English can be British, American or Canadian, according to the preference of the client.

Educational Background and Training:
-Associate of Arts and Science Degree from Capilano College, North Vancouver, Canada
-Certified Bio-Kinesiologist, New Method Kinesiology Institute, Vancouver, Canada
-Editing and Proofreading, Freelancers Institute, London, UK

Editing and proofreading:
-I have excellent command of grammar, usage, and punctuation
-Detail-oriented eye for catching typographical errors, and maintaining standards of style, grammar, and factual accuracy
-Commitment to high-quality production
-Ability to work effectively with deadlines
-I specialize in British, American, and Canadian spelling and word usage

Professional Experience:
Translations of technical manuals, business and marketing documents, brochures, articles and websites.

Projects completed during the last 6 months include:
Business and marketing: Lastenboek Global Contracten; Vedio Interim; Glob@l; NY Brand Academy Website; Avanade Grid Architecture AGA; BIC Catalogue

Laskast Interface; Handleiding Technisch Systeem Service; Handleiding slinger-en stamhoek aanwijzing

Articles: Vital frequencies; Habitat for Humanity; Get Energized; Introduction to Energy Awareness

Other relevant work experience:
Co-ordinator and Copy Writer, Hornby Island Advisory Housing Committee; Co-ordinator and Copy Writer, HOPE Kitchen, Hornby Island; Community Support Co-ordinator, Hornby/Denman Health Care Society; Minute Taker, Islands Trust, Local Trust Council; Primary Teacher, Owner/Operator, Fairfield Montessori Preschool, Victoria, BC; Primary Teacher, Maria Montessori Academy, Victoria, BC

My rate for translation is generally 0.08 EUR or 0.12 CAD per word. I am always open to negotiation per individual project. References are available upon request.

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