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The Greatest Sinner Ever, a novel about the life of Nostradamus.
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Nostradamus Buch (html)
German novel online (flash)

Resume of Petra Schardt

Day of Birth: March, 23rd 1961
Place of Birth: Wangen, Germany

1. Mother tongue is German

2. Command of fluent English

3. Self-employed since March 2009

4. Working experience (Canada): freelance translator in Toronto, Canada - interpretation for Workman's Compensation Board of Canada - working for a German-language newspaper in the production department

5. Working experience in Europe: PA at Viennese Vinegar Brewery - main area: copywriting and translating product information - taking care of the international clientele (Australia, China, Great Britain, Japan, Taiwan, USA) - establishing the oversea market - holding seminars in English

6. Courses & certificates - certified by the University of Cambridge (Certificate of Proficiency by EU standard C2 = mother tongue like) - translation courses in English and translation techniques - federal fishing licence - certificate of the Wine Academy Rust, Austria

7. Author of 1 book (German)- "Entdeckungsreise in eine saure Welt" (Discovery of a Tart World) - a book about vinegar, its making, use, etc. It'll enter the market this weekend.

8. Personal interests: Austrian wine/viniculture/vinification - vinegar and oil, its making and benefits to the human body - cooking - fishing - travelling - reading - photography - art

9. Services: Copywriting, Desktop Publishing, Editing, Proofreading, Transcription, Translation

10. Subject Areas: Culinary Arts, Data Processing, Desktop Publishing (DTP), Fishing and Fisheries Sciences, Food Sciences, Journalism and Mass Communication, Literature, Marine and Aquatic Biology, Patent Translation, Photography, Tourism and Travel

11. Specialisation: Commercial/private correspondence - PR materials - Journalistic materials - PR materials - Literature (fiction/non-fiction) - Travel & Tourism - Brochures - Manuals - Patents

Keywords: Translator English-German, German-English, Germany, translations of texts, literature, short stories, novels, books, professional freelancer, crack, expert...

Nostradamus Buch (Chapter 2/7 in html)
Nostradamus Weltuntergang 2012 (Chapter 8/16 in html)