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Translator Brazilian Portuguese-English, English-Brazilian Portuguese, living in Canada.
Translations of literature, short stories, novels, poetry, song lyrics...

Katarina Peters Translator Brazilian Portuguese English


Free novel in English
Free novel in Portuguese ; only first two chapters translated by Katarina. (employment priority)

CV of Katarina Peters

Canadian citizen, born in Hungary, educated in Brazil, permanent home in Montreal. In-house translator since 2000 at a local multilingual translation agency, concurrently legal translation projects manager since 2009 at the same agency. Over 30 years' previous working experience in seven (7) languages in various companies as multilingual secretary and translator. Freelancing and completion of major annual translation contracts. Qualified to translate in most fields (literary, business, legal, medical, technical, commercial, aviation, visual arts, music, etc.) Poetry translations published in Brazil and Canada. McGill University Certificate. Also a successful commissioned portrait painter, participated in various art exhibits with landscapes and portraits (oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal). Detailed C.V. on request.

Subject Areas
Literature, history, poetry, song lyrics.
Example of song lyrics (HU-PT): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERrHcYF7CbA
(click on CC to get my Portuguese subtitles)

Working language pairs and rates
Hungarian > English
Brazilian Portuguese > English
German > English
English > Brazilian Portuguese

Min. rate per word $0.10
Min. rate per hour $50.00

Language locales: English - Canada

Editing, Proofreading, Transcription, Translation

One of the 14 translators (DE/EN) who participated in a book published in 2009, Rainer Maria Rilke's "Stories of God", available at Amazon: http://geschichtenvomliebengott.com/wp/

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